About us

Chimeric Studios is a company that was formed at the end of 2009.

We focus on different forms of craftsmanship, ranging from bookmaking and cartography to clothing and props and much more. For a detailed look at what we do, please click on Our work in the top menu.

We are a brother and sister from the small town of Övermark in western Finland. A shared passion for craftsmanship and arts brought us to create Chimeric Studios as a way to enable us to work with what we love.

Our plans for the future involve working together with independent creators, crafters and cultural associations to the benefit of all.


Zacharias Holmberg

Born in 1985, Studied computer science as well as Fine arts at Novia University of Applied Sciences. I have been working as a freelance graphic designer and website programmer since 8th grade, and started doing prop work in 2008, after getting involved in the LARP community. I’m always looking for new ways to vent ideas and new services that the company can offer. If you have suggestions, I’m all ears!

My personal art blog: Zachholmberg


Zarah holmberg

Born in 1987, studied Clothing design at Novia University of Applied Sciences.

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